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The origin of the name Demico is intriguing since its roots came from the Demerara Ice House or Demice as it was called then. At that time the company’s management was not enthused with the sound of Demice and a decision was made to alter it. The ‘e’ was changed to an ‘o’ to represent house, giving birth to the name DEMICO. Demico quickly became a household name in our Guyanese society and was the popular destination for the then infamous “chicken in the rough and milkshake”. 

The image of the Stabroek market was a distant second rival to the unique and attractive Demerara styled Demico building. This Demico building once housed the bottling and ice-cream factories of the company and was the cornerstone of the now conglomerate Banks DIH Limited. Over the years the Demico operations have evolved and it is now the major food center at the Stabroek Square in the downtown Georgetown area. It is home to the country’s premier fast food outlet and chicken house QIK Serv. 

From a single restaurant, the Demico business has remarkably expanded to several outlets countrywide and was again the first to launch Georgetown’s first take of an international dining offered by OMG Restaurant. Demico has additionally managed to single-handedly provide atop-of-the-line catering outlet with an impeccable record and the finest in service. Ultimate catering creates a full blown experience coupled with exceptional service and customized menus.

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